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property description values
syntaxHighlighter.highlight Enables/disables syntax highlighting <boolean> true | false
codeFontFamily Use any valid google font for the ide code element <string> any
ideFontFamily Use any valid google font for the ide explorer <string> any
showBreadcrumbs Shows the breadrcumb to the currently viewed 'file' <string> always | oncollapse | never
showCopyToClipboard Enables/disables 'copy to clipboard' button <boolean> true | false
rootPath Set the first 'file' that displays on load. If omitted, the first file found will be selected <string> any
explorerStyle Shows the explorer in one of many ways <string> compact | material
expandFolders Enables/disables if folders are expanded on load <boolean> true | false
theme Sets the theme of the ide <string> default | dark

See the ides above for options examples.